Letter to website: Nov. 2020

Hallo all of you out there, 

I hope you are keeping well and safe in these strange times.
There is abundant material to feed the creative urges, looking at the current situation in the world in the most positive way possible.

Check my Gallery to see my new paintings.
These paintings under the heading of  Sympathy for the tree, are a tribute to the Alsation landscape, so fruitful and so exploited.A slightly different take on this subject , beautiful old houses , left to fall into ruin all too often, skeletons of outhouses, a potent mixture; also, two works on paper, Congolese women with oxeye daisies, an interpretation of a photo , and The Statue, a glance at our slave trader past? I leave it up to you.

That’s all for now, keep calm and carry on, 

Best wishes, Prue.